June 18 Letter from the South Central Minor Baseball Board

To the members of South Central Minor Baseball:

I am writing you on behalf of the South Central Minor Ball board of executive that is dedicated to seeing the growth and success of baseball programs around our region. We understand that during these last few weeks and months there has been a fair amount of uncertainty surrounding the 2021 baseball season in Manitoba. South Central Minor Ball is working towards a return to baseball activities in the form of practices and eventually games between communities in the next month. After meeting this evening our board has agreed upon a plan to proceed with the 2021 baseball season. Please keep in mind that the plan for resuming a baseball season is completely contingent upon what happens with changes to the current public health orders.

Currently, all in-person baseball training has been suspended by Baseball Manitoba. As soon as we have the OK to resume in-person practices, we will. Our intention is to return competition (games within and between communities) on Monday, July 12th. South Central intends to run a 6-7 week schedule with – at most – two games per week, scheduled on weekdays Monday through Thursday (no weekend games).  Please keep in mind that our start date depends upon public health orders changing prior to July 12th. Our board feels that a mid-July Return to Competition is realistic based on the way COVID-19 is trending in the province.  If we are too optimistic in our intended scheduling and the restrictions are not loosened by that time we will adjust the season plan accordingly. A likely result of this would be a shortening of the season by however many weeks necessary rather than extending it into September.

Our board appreciates the patience our members around the region have had with the waiting and uncertainty we have all experienced as a result of the pandemic. We understand that this revised season timeline may not fit for some members. It is our hopes to have as many players, coaches and teams in our region as possible, but if you feel the need to withdraw your registration, please contact your local community board and they will be happy to work through the withdrawal process with you.

On behalf of the South Central Minor Ball board, I wish you all a safe, happy and baseball-filled summer.


Sam Bryson
President – South Central Minor Baseball